I don’t know how anybody with a remotely high profile on the internet stops themselves from climbing to the top of a tall building to pick people off with a marksman’s rifle….


It’s been a small dirty window to internet fame.

Thing is: the internet’s made of IP addresses, opinions, and assholes. It’s what’s there. That’s the basic equipment.

A short course on surviving the web:

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Good advice.


I imagine all of you already listen to Roderick On The Line, but it would be foolish of me to assume as much. 

I try not to post RotL-related things here as there are already two Tumblelogs dedicated to just that. But for fans of John (or personal growth in general), the past few episodes have been fascinating.

Just this week we got to hear about John dipping his toe into politics (and the inevitable(?) tolls of treading this path), along with a discussion of what it’s like for him—an indie rock musician—to now be in his mid-forties.

In RotL Ep. 82: “Yelling at Trees”, we heard the processes of John’s mind as he (in his new state of sugar-free clarity) realised post-conflict how and why he’d acted like an entitled rock star after being blocked from going back-stage at Bumbershoot by security. 

For me, hearing someone I find interesting and have a fun fan-crush on dissect their shedding of ego is humbling, inspiring and informative.

So if you’re not already listening to Roderick On The Line, firstly, let me know and I shall forgive you of your sins of ignorance, and secondly, it’s never too late to learn what you need to for the arrival of #Supertrain.

Great show. Big show.